WEBTOON Wednesday – Firebrand Season Two with Erika Lewis: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #935

In this episode we discuss;

WEBTOON Wednesday – Firebrand Season Two with Erika Lewis

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #935

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  1. Intro
    1. Background with comics
    2. Deciding to become a creator
    3. Previous Work
  2. Firebrand
    1. Can you give us an idea of what the story is about?
    2. Tell us how you came to collaborate on the series with Jessica Chobot
    3. What was the process of building character and story like for you two?
    4. How about character design, was that you and Jessica as well or did your artist Claudia Aguirre do the majority of the heavy lifting there?
    5. How did Claudia get involved in the project?
    6. What are your feelings and how has the reaction been to an all female creative team?
    7. Let’s talk a little about the characters themselves, can you give us a run down of the main players?
    8. I don’t want to get to spoiler-y and get into specific details, but it seems like the two bgi things you are focusing on in terms of themes are belonging and family. I think these are ideas we can all relate to. Can you comment on that
    9. Which characters do you relate to most and which to you have a tougher time writing?
    10. Is there any particular character than the fans seem to really connect with?
    11. Speaking of the readers, can you tell us a little about the initial reaction to Firebrand? Did it take off right away or was it more of a slow build?
    12. As the creator how do you feel about Season 1, are you pleased with the progression of the story how everything played out?
    13. Looking back, is there anything you would change?
    14. Now that season two is about to drop, what do you want readers to know, both new and returning, about Firebrand?
    15. As the creator what has you most excited about Season Two?
    1. Tell us how the project ended up at WEBTOON
    2. Was the vertical format a challenge in terms of pacing and flow?
    3. Talk to us about the fan community of WEBTOON
    4. Have you had the opportunity to meet and speak with other WEBTOON creators?
    5. Would you recommend the platform to other aspiring creators?
    6. If there is one piece of advice you would give to a perspective WEBTOON creator what would it be?
    7. Anything else to share?


Erika Lewis grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, where she spent most of her childhood riding her dirt bike through Fort Ward, the Union Army Civil War stomping grounds.

She graduated from Vanderbilt University. She went on to earn a Master Degree from Georgia State University and an Advanced Certificate in Creative Writing from Stony Brook University.

GAME OF SHADOWSis her debut novel from TOR/Forge Books, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers. Her first project, a graphic novel, THE 49TH KEYfrom Heavy Metal sold out of its initial printing upon release. Currently in comics she’s writing FIREBRANDwith Jessica Chobot for Legendary Comics, now in its second season. Also with Legendary Comics, she’s writing ACURSIAN with John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman.

Lewis resides in the sunshine state of California. When she’s not chained to her laptop, she’s usually playing with her big fluffy Golden Retriever, or running, or at one of the bookstores or comic shops by her house. And always drinking coffee.

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Jessica Chobot is a host for the Nerdist News, Mothership, and Bizarre States. She is formerly a host at IGN and G4 and is a notable expert in the tech & video game industries. Also formerly of G4, Erika Lewis started in television production.

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Claudia Aguirre is a comic book artist worked in every facet of the comic industry and has self-published four independent graphic novels under the seal of Boudika Comics. Her past work includes illustrating games and apps, but her primary focus is creating quality, inclusive, and diverse comics.

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WEBTOON™ is the #1 webcomics app, averaging more than 55 million monthly active users, with north of 10 million daily readers – more people read web comics on our platform in one day than watch most television shows. Founded by NAVER Webtoon in 2004, WEBTOON became a cultural phenomenon and pioneered the distribution and consumption of web-based comics. Launched stateside in 2014, WEBTOON has thousands of creator-owned titles with episodes updating daily.  WEBTOON features a broad and diverse catalog of content – including fantasy, romance, sci-fi, LGBTQ, and more. The WEBTOON app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. The content is free and downloadable, for reading when offline. WEBTOON is always working to enhance the user experience with technology – including enhanced FX Toons, which allow creators to include music or animation in their WEBTOON to benefit user immersion. WEBTOON boasts partnerships with Legendary, Lucasfilm, POW!, Top Cow/Image, and more. WEBTOON takes the comic experience to the next level by providing readers with daily curated content and giving creators an intuitive platform designed to help them easily publish and publicize their own original comics.WEBTOON creators have been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards – three in 2019, as well as winning a multitude of Ringo Awards – seven in 2018. WEBTOON is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

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