Webtoon Wednesday – Lavender Jack with Dan Schkade: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #732

In this episode we discuss;

Webtoon Wednesday – Lavender Jack with Dan Schkade

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #732


Jace talks with the creator of Lavender Jack, Dan Schkade about drawing inspiration for the series, the timelessness of its setting and the challenges of pacing. Plus a whole lot more!

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  1. Intro
    1. History with comics
    2. Breaking in
    3. Previous Work
  2. Lavender Jack
    1. Tell is what the story is all about
    2. Desire to tell this type of story
    3. What would you say some of your inspirations are for the setting of the story
    4. You’ve kept the time period intentionally vague which gives the story somewhat of a timeless feel, can you talk about that a bit?
    5. Give a run down on your two adversarial main characters Lavender Jack and Madame Theresa Ferrier
    6. Can you give us some insight into the visual development of each character? Take us through the process
    7. Any thoughts on the political relevance of this story of these incredibly powerful and rich people committing crimes and ultimately being exposed by “one of their own” so to speak?
    8. I love the pacing of the story, it definitely speeds up with action in some spots, but then slows back down for a more deliberate pace which allows for great character moments. I’ve always felt pacing is a crucial part of sequential storytelling and very hard to get exactly right, has it been a challenge?
    9. Do you have a general idea of how long the strip will run?
    10. Anymore stories to tell in this world?
    11. A prequel with Ferrier perhaps?
  3. Webtoons
    1. Tell us about your experience working with Webtoon?
    2. What advantages do you feel the platform offers?
    3. Would you recommend aspiring creators to give Webtoon a try?
    4. How has the Webtoon community responded to Lavender Jack, both fans and creators.
    5. Anything else to share with our listeners?

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Dan Schkade

Dan Schkade is a freelance comic book writer and artist from Austin, Texas. His credits include Will Eisner’s The Spirit, Battlestar Galactica: Gods and Monsters, San Hannibal, and The Fowl. He lives in Indianapolis with his girlfriend and a cat.



Webtoon is the #1 digital comics app, averaging more than 50 million monthly active users, with north of 10 million daily readers – more people read webtoons in one day than watch most television shows. Founded by NAVER Webtoon in 2004, Webtoon became a cultural phenomenon and pioneered the distribution and consumption of web-based comics – webtoons. Launched stateside in 2014, Webtoon has thousands of creator-owned titles with episodes updating daily.  Webtoon features a broad and diverse catalog of content – including fantasy, romance, sci-fi, LGBTQ, and more. The Webtoon app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. The content is free and downloadable, for reading when offline. Webtoons take advantage of smartphone user scroll behavior as a benefit to the method of storytelling. Webtoon is always working to enhance the user experience with technology – including enhanced FX Toons, which allow creators to include music or animation in their Webtoon to benefit user immersion. Webtoon boasts partnerships with Legendary, Lucasfilm, Stan Lee, Top Cow/Image, and more. Webtoon takes the comic experience to the next level by providing readers with daily curated content and giving creators an intuitive platform designed to help them easily publish and publicize their own original comics. Webtoon creators have been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards, as well as winning a multitude of Ringo Awards – including seven in 2018. Webtoon is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.


Sizzle Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTB2nsr9sA4


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