The Comic Source Podcast Episode 424 – San Diego Sound Bytes 2018: Mark Brooks

In this episode we discuss;

  1. 2016 Han Solo return to interiors, since then you have gone back to cover work. How do you feel currently about where you are at?
  2. I know you like to push yourself as an artist. Learning to airbrush for example. Is there a particular area or technique that you are currently working on
  3. There’s been talk online lately for aspiring creators to foster relationships with your peers, rather than reaching to the people who broke in before you, what are your feeling about that.
  4. You yourself broke in with a group and that really helped each other out, who were some of the other creators in that group.
  5. Let’s shift gears here, I know how much you enjoy meeting the fans and enjoying SDCC as a fan yourself. How’s your show been this year without a booth of your own, a little more freedom?

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