The Comic Source Podcast Episode 339 – Phoenix Files with Charles Soule

In this episode;

Jace sits down for a chat with writer Charles Soule. They discuss his debut novel The Oracle Year, fan reaction to the book, some of the themes of the story and whether Charles believes in fate. Also Jace and Charles dig into what readers can expect in the summer crossover event The Hunt for Wolverine from Marvel Comics.

  1. The Oracle Year
    1. Your debut novel is out, it seems like fan reception has been great, comic fans AND non comic fans
    2. Any non comics fans moving overalls to reading comics?
    3. A little about the story itself, different head space and structure prose vs comics
    4. Wil Dando, Will of God, fate and destiny
    5. Writing epilogues
  2. Hunt for Wolverine
    1. Kill him and bring him back
    2. Most enjoyable thing about writing Logan
    3. Daredevil weapon lost team, the street team
    4. Anything else to tease our listeners with about Hunt for Wolverine
    5. Other projects
  3. Where to find Charles online
    1. Follow Charles on Twitter
    2. Charles’s Website

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