The Comic Source Podcast Episode 296 – Spotlight on Jupiter Jet with Jason Inman

In this episode we discuss;

Talking Jupiter Jet with Jason Inman


  1. Intro
    1. History with comics
    2. What was the motivation behind creating your own title
  2. Jupiter Jet – Jupiter Jet on Comixology
    1. Quick overview of the story
    2. All ages with sophistication
    3. Drawing inspiration
    4. More stories to tell in this world
    5. Other stories – Star Trek, Super Heroes, Valiant
  3. Industry thoughts
    1. Unique insight from both sides
    2. The future of comics
    3. Comics journalism
  4. Other projects and Where to Find Them
    1. Geek History Lesson Website
    2. Jawiin YouTube Channel
    3. Follow Jason on Twitter
    4. Follow Jason on Instagram

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