The Comic Source Podcast Episode 159 LBCC Wrap-Up& DC Rebirth for September 21st


In this episode we discuss;

  1. LBCC Wrap Up
    1. Con Man the Game Panel
    2. Cosplay
    3. Interviews-Nolan North, Brett Booth, Mike Choi, Chuck Patton, Peter David, Andy Park, Joelle Jones, Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma, JonBoy Meyers, Zack Kaplan and Chris Northrop, and Marv Wolfman
    4. Growing Pains
    5. Publishers
    6. Artist Alley
    7. Overall Thoughts
  2. DC Rebirth September 21st
    1. Aquaman #7 – Writer-Dan Abnett, Penciller-Scott Eaton, Inker-Wayne Faucher, Colorist-Gabe Eltaeb
    2. Batman #7 – Writers-Steve Orlando and Tom King, Pencils & Inks-Riley Rossmo, Colorist-Ivan Plascencia
    3. Cyborg #1 – Writer-John Semper, Pencils-Paul Pelletier, Inkers-Tony Kordos and Scott Hanna, Colorist-Guy Major
    4. Green Arrow #7 – Writer-Benjamin Percy, Art and Color-Stephen Byrne
    5. Nightwing #5 – Writers-Steve Orlando and Tim Seeley, Artist-Roge Antonio, Colorist-Chris Sotomayor
    6. Raven #1 – Writer-Marv Wolfman, Artist-Alisson Borges, Colorist-Blond
    7. Superman #7 – Writers-Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, Artist-Jorge Jimenez, Colorist-Alejandro Sanchez
    8. Trinity #1 – Story and Art-Francis Manapul

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