The Comic Source Podcast Episode 117 Talking Bloodlines with JT Krul & V Ken Marion


In this episode we discuss;

Bloodlines #1-3 with the series writer JT Krul and the penciler V Ken Marion. Jace and Jaeden learn about the ideas behind the series, using classic ideas from horror movies and the cliches of small town America. Plus we hear the thought process behind the character designs, some SDCC talk and more!

  1. Quick Intro – JT, V Ken
  2. Why revive this Bloodlines idea?
  3. Updating & evolving it to tell a new modern story
  4. Is Eddie a hero?
  5. Albert, Dana, Blake and Duncan. Heroes? ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances
  6. Character designs, normal look, powered up look.
  7. Creepy surreal feel
  8. More stories to explore with these characters or is it a finite story
  9. Future collaborations

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