X-23 #10 & Uncanny X-Men Winter’s End #1| X-Tuesday: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

X-23 #10 & Uncanny X-Men Winter’s End #1| X-Tuesday

The Comic Source Podcast


Jace dives into X-23 #10 as we continue to explore the relationships between Laura and her clones. Also he takes a look at Uncanny X-Men Winter’s End #1. This books gives Sina Grace and the creative team from the Iceman ongoing series a chance to bring closure to a lot of the storylines they were exploring for Booby Drake. Jace also talks about about the choice to retcon Bobby, does this change add to or take away from who Bobby is as a character?


X-23 #10

Writer – Mariko Tamaki, Penciller – Diego Olortegui, Inter Walden Wong, Color Artist – Chris O’Halloran, Letterer – Cory Petit


Uncanny X-Men Winter’s End #1

Writer – Sina Grace, Artist – Nathan Stockman, Color Artist – Federico Blee, Letterer – Joe Sabino

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