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Witchblade Vol 2 #’s 1-6

Top Cow Thursday

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Jace dives deep into the first 6 issue of the second volume of Witchblade. It is an all new take on the title and character that started the entire artifact corner of the Top Cow universe. We get a brand new bearer of the Witchblade who is strong, authentic and loyal to her friends. However, she is not without her flaws and has suffered some pretty major traumas throughout her life. How will that affect her using the Witchblade? Could that be part of the reason the Witchblade chose her? Only time will tell, but this series is off to a great start with a compelling case of supporting characters and some incredible art. Even New York City itself is a character in the story in a way it never has been before in a Top Cow book.


Witchblade Vol 2 #’s 1-6

Writer – Caitlin Kittridge, Artist – Roberta Ingranata, Color Artist – Bryan Valenza, Letterer – Troy Peteri

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