Tony Stark Iron Man #8, Immortal Hulk #13, Daredevil #12 & More | Marvel Monday: The Comic Source Podcast

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Tony Stark Iron Man #8, Immortal Hulk #13, Daredevil #12 & More

Marvel Monday

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This Marvel Monday breaks down a few books in detail. Jace starts off with a look at the deal offered by Mephisto and why Miles Morales and Amadeus Cho may be tempted to take it. Issue #13 of Immortal Hulk finishes off the second act of that book as we gear up for a lot of action coming in the next few issues. Over in Killmonger #4, things go completely sideways for Erik, we see him turn away from any last chance at peace or redemption and fully embrace his need for vengeance. Old Man Quill gives us a look at a possible future for Star-Lord and his Guardian teammates, so fans of the GotG should be sure to check it out. Tony Stark continues to battle for control of the virtual reality he has created in the paged of Iron Man #8 which has one of Jace’s favorite comic book covers ever. Finally, we dive deep into Daredevil #21 as Matt Murdock’s plan to rid New York of all crime begins to take shape.


Champions #2

Writer – Jim Zub, Artist – Steve Cummings, Color Artist – Marci Menyz, Letterer – Clayton Cowles


Immortal Hulk #13

Writer – Al Ewing, Artist – Joe Bennett, Inkers – Ruy Jose with Belardino Brabo & Rafael Fonteriz, Color Artist – Paul Mounts, Letterer – Cory Petit


Old Man Quill #1

Writer – Ethan Sacks, Artist – Robert Gill, Color Artist – Andres Mossa, Letterer – Joe Caramagna


Killmonger #4

Writer – Bryan Hill, Artist – Juan Ferreyra, Letterer – Joe Sabino


Tony Stark, Iron Man #8

Writer – Dan Slott, Artist – Valerio Schiti, Color Artist – Edgar Delgado, Letterer – Joe Caramagna


Daredevil #21

Writer – Charles Soule, Artist – Goran Sudzuka, Color Artist – Matt Milla, Letterer – Clayton Cowles

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