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  1. Kondorr

    I was lately thinking, I am glad we can move on from this series.

    There was actually a spin-off ongoing, that ran for 8 issues, than featured Royale and (I think) Katherina. I found out just recently, so I ordered it and will let you know about it. But on one of the covers there is a modern day Royale (I think) so maybe this is were this end-of-days event happens…

    All in all I did not really dig this…

    • thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

      Yeah I was massively disappointed overall myself. You hear Medieval Spawn, Witchblade and Garth Ennis, you can’t help but have expectations. Most likely you have high expectations, but this just felt phoned in by Garth. Truly a wasted opportunity.

      • thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

        Just the fact that Medieval Spawn is such a great character as is the concept of the Witchblade, then you add in Garth Ennis and it is only natural to have high expectations. Too bad it was a bit of a let down.

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