1. Kondorr

    Reading this for the first time, I was massively disappointed… not with the comic itself, but with reality facing expectations…
    The Preacher paved my way to comic books (I got rather late into comicbooks), The Punisher was also amazing… and here we have this totally different … “thing”…
    Someone, who was able to write some of the most brutal, gory and yet beautiful and emotional stories, wrote this?
    Now I might judge this to harsh, because of me expecting it to be this gritty and multi-layered story I was used to from this guy, but still it is a shame Top Cow never secured him again to write something in Preacher-modus… (but he did co-created the Darkness).

    In the end I agree that this is a solid issue, but I think for someone like Ennis it seems more like a lazy paying job.

    And the Witchblade was covered in the dumb-mountain, there is one panel, where one can see the shovel hit it, and its fingers appearing. And it was stated that this big dumb was there for 10 years… maybe the previous wielder died under it… or it was a statement regarding Ennis opinion on the book overall..

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