The Comic Source Podcast 047 incl Phoenix Fan Fest 2015 recap


In this episode we discuss:

  1. Comic News
    1. Phoenix Fan Fest recap
    2. Hex Comix Kickstarter Relaunch
    3. New Anthology series by DC
    4. SD petition not affecting SDCC
    5. Civil War II confirmed
    6. Batman v Superman Variant themed covers
  2. Movie News
    1. The Hateful 8 started out as a Django story
    2. The Hateful 8 Moves up one week to January 1st
    3. Fight between Sharon Carter and Scarlet Witch in Captain America Civil War?
    4. X-men Apocalypse trailer released Friday Dec 11th
    5. Cate Blanchett in Thor Ragnarok
    6. Deadshot to have a major role in Ben Affleck Batman movie?
    7. Mad Max Fury Road gets Golden Globe best picture nomination.
    8. Idris Elba to play Roland in Dark Tower adaptation, Matthew McConaughey Man in Black
    9. Chinese Star Wars trailer reveals even more new footage.
  3. TV News
    1. Arrow midseason finale
    2. Flash Midseason finale
    3. Rough look at Daredevil season 2
    4. Robbie Amell returning to DC TV Universe?
  4. Rumor
    1. New Batman creative team
  5. Quiz
    1. New 52 Creative Line-Up part 4
  6. Top of the Stack
    1. Jace – Batman Europa #1
    2. Jaeden – Star Trek Green Lantern Spectrum War series recap

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