The Comic Source Podcast 039


In this episode we discuss the following;

  1. Grant Morrison tells a Santa Claus tale just in time for Christmas
  2. Geoff Johns returning to Aquaman
  3. Cullen Bunn leaving Aquaman
  4. Han Solo DID get married … sort of …
  5. Rob Liefeld returns to Marvel for a new project
  6. Marvel doubles up on DC in October
  7. DC launching a digital first Supergirl comic ASAP
  8. Green Arrow getting the axe?
  9. Valiant giving away battle Axes
  10. Valiant’s Book of Death concludes
  11. Symmetry Covers
  12. Witchblade comes to a close
  13. FBI files for Postal
  14. Top Cow Humble Bundle
  15. Cover to classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 up for auction
  16. Green Lantern/Green Arrow Absolute Edition
  17. Cloak & Dagger return in 2016?
  18. Gail Simone’s Clean Room
  19. Legendary Creator Murphy Anderson passes away


Movie News

  1. Star Wars – What we know so far, Trailers


TV News

  1. Arrow
  2. Flash
  3. Legends of Tomorrow



  1. New 52 Creative Line-Up Quiz


Top of the Stack

  1. Jace – Boy-1
  2. Jaeden – Ultimates

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