The Comic Source Podcast 028


In this episode we discuss;

  1. Comic News
  2. Movie News
    1. Wes Craven Died this week at the age of 76 he is probably most well known from his part as freddy krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street.
    2. The most recent story that Michael Shannon shared about him getting stuck i a port-o-potty was actually not true, he thought that people would realize that he wasn’t serious about the story but it went viral this past week.
    3. After much frustration Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige is now reporting straight to Disney Studio Chief Alan Horn and is no longer under perlmutter’s thumb.
    4. The Marvel Cinematic Creative Committee that consisted of Brian Michael Bendis Dan Buckley and Joe Quesada has been disbanded, being that Captain America Civil War is in production it seems that Dr. Strange will be the last movie they work on.
    5. People have been reacting seemingly happy about the feige perlmutter news, I guess most don’t believe that he was an asset to the company
    6. Star Wars Episode 7 will be screened in every Imax theater in North America during it’s December Release.
    7. Finn was shown in a short teaser this week for Star Wars showing him holding what we can assume to be Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and is about to duel Kylo Ren.
    8. Andrew Garfield shared that he never felt like spiderman in the movies he just felt like an actor who couldn’t live up to the character he had in his head.
    9. Andrew Garfield also discussed how the pressure to please people with the spiderman movies made it impossible to live up to the pressure. He said that you either please no one or everyone a little bit.
    10. The Iron Giant is coming back to theatres and a new blu-ray copy was announced.
  3. TV News
    1. The first episode of vixen seems like it may be good but the small sample size of one five minute episode doesn’t really give much to go on.
    2. They released two short clips for the second episode of vixen, the first is Marc Guggenheim talking about the development of the character and the second is the creative team for vixen’s costume talking about designing the costume.
    3. The Season 4 trailer for arrow was posted this week on Stephen Amell’s Facebook page.
    4. New Arrow production art teases a green lantern charcter.
    5. New image for flash season two teases jay garricks arrival.
    6. The Flash casted the voice of Zoom for season two they got horror film veterTony Todd.
    7. Two minutes of the gotham season 2 premiere have been released.
    8. The Guardians of the galaxy animated series has released 2 2 minute videos on the origin of gamora.
    9. Shade VFX the special effects company behind the daredevil show released a video explaining how they did some of the visual effects in the show.
    10. Fear the walking dead’s ratings slipped on the second episode of the show, but it still drew over 8 million viewers.


  1. Rumor
  2. Quiz
    1. Jaeden asks
  3. Top of the Stack
    1. Batman Earth One Volume 2
    2. Rai 1

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