The Comic Source Podcast 026

epi 026

In this episode we discuss the following;

  1. Comic News
  2. Movie News
    1. Fantastic Four only got 26 of it’s $60 million dollar goal this weekend and recieved a 9% on rotten tomatoes.
    3. Fox however is not giving up on the franchise, no news about a Fantastic Four 2 but maybe some sort of crossover with x-men
    4. Tom Hardy is producing and starring in a 100 bullets film adaptation.
    5. JJ Abrams says no new star wars footage at disney’s convention d23.
    6. Ronda Rousey when asked if she wanted to portray a superhero replied saying that she would love to play miss marvel.
  3. TV News
    1. The Flash TV show teased a picture of teddy sears as jay garrick.
    2. Matt Ryan’s Constantine role will be reprised this season on arrow. With them going with more of a magic based theme this season he seems like a perfect fit.
    3. Supergirl has announced that it will not have any crossover with arrow or flash but will be getting red tornado and general zod as characters in this season.
    4. A new love interest has been announced for the upcoming arrow season, she is supposedly from his past.
    5. HBO released a teaser trailer for the new series westworld based on the 1973 film.
    6. Guggenheim and klemmer gave hints to dc’s legends of tomorrow saying things like part of the season is going to be losely based on Keith Giffin and JM DeMatteis’ Justice League International run and the character of Rip Hunter will be based on the character in Time Masters: Vanishing Point.
  4. Rumor
  5. Quiz
    1. Jaeden asks Jace
  6. Top of the Stack
    1. Jirni Vol 1 – Jace
    2. Batman Beyond – Jaeden

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