The Comic Source Podcast 025


In this episode we discuss;

  1. Comic News
  2. Movie News
    1. Roddy Piper died this past week on Thursday
    2. Within a few days of dropping out of the gambit movie Tatum rejoined the film
    3. Deadpool’s trailer is due to debut on Conan’s show this coming Tuesday, a preview for the preview came out today to talk about tuesday’s preview
    4. Spider Man has been officially confirmed for the Captain America Civil War Movie
    5. Bruce Boxleitner stated that as much as he loved the idea of reprising the role he is done with the emotional rollercoaster that is Tron 3.
    6. Hugh Jackman ccfor fan input this week to talk about where they want this last Wolverine movie to go.
  3. TV News
    1. Ian McShane joins the Game of Thrones cast for season 6.
    2. Fear the Walking Dead has already been renewed for a 15 episode second season
    3. Ryan Robbins has been announced as a new villian in Oliver Queen’s flashbacks in the next season of Arrow
    4. Marvel is planning on a new series on netflix every six months for the forseeable future
  4. Rumor
  5. Quiz
    1. 3 Red Hood/Arsenal Questions for Jaeden
  6. Top of the Stack
    1. Bloodshot Reborn – Jace
    2. Harley Quinn & Power Girl

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