The Comic Source Podcast 005


In this episode we discuss;

    1. Comic News
      1. Image Expo – all 24 series
      2. Artist stealing tables
      3. Charles Soule on DD
      4. All New All Different titles
      5. $350 to meet Stan Lee
      6. SDCC to stay through 2018
      7. Francis Manapul leaves Detective Comics
      8. Think Tank returning
      9. More Secret Wars lateness
      10. Witchblade ending
      11. Valiant News
    2. TV News
      1. Iron Fist Showrunner, direction for show
    3. Movie News
      1. Surprise Character was shown in the new ant-man TV spot. What will his role in the story will be?
      2. Jurassic World continues the huge run it has been on passing The Dark Knight to earn fourth biggest showing in America.
    4. Quiz
      1. Batman
    5. Top of the Stack
      1. Martian Manhunter – Jace
      2. Batman Beyond – Jaeden

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