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Thanos Quest #1 | Marvel Chronology

Thanos Reading Order

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Jace talks about the fist issue of the Thanos Quest mini series as we see Thanos begin his mission to untie all the Infinity Gems. He takes on the In-Betweener as well as several of the Elders of the Universe who are unaware of the power of the gems they possess. We see that Thanos is the ultimate schemer as he undertakes his journey he has prepared unique way to defeat each foe and even has plans that he is hiding from Death herself. This is a crucial part of the story of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet that Jim Starlin has crafted in returning the Mad Titan to the pages of Marvel Comics.


Thanos Quest #1

Writer – Jim Starlin

Penciller – Ron Lim

Inker – John Beatty

Color Artist – Tom Christopher

Letterer – Ken Bruzenak

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