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Syphon Spotlight

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Jace chats with the creative team behind Top Cow’s latest hit, Syphon. They talk about the origins of the series and how Mohsen brought Patrick aboard with Jeffrey joining a bit later. Also the themes and BIG ideas of the book are talked about, including the idea that helping others isn’t always as altruistic or noble as it first may seem. There is tons of talk about the setting & the grittiness of New York City as the setting. Also the team reveals that they would love to do more arcs of Syphon, especially focusing on others who have wielded the power throughout history. There is a lot to take in here as the guys talk about all that and so much more. Be sure you pick up Syphon #1 our now & grab issue #2 when it drops next Wednesday August 25th.



Story – Mohsen Ashraf, Writers – Patrick Meaney & Mohsen Ashraf, Artist – Jeffrey Edwards, Color Artist – John Kalisz

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