State of the Comic Book Industry June 2020: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Jace is joined by DarkKnightNation and Comic Boom to to discuss the current state of the comic book industry.


State of the Industry


  1. Where are we
    1. Direct Market starting to re-open
    2. A number of stores closed permanently
    3. Publishers releasing content
    4. Many titles canceled
    5. DC left Diamond
    6. Free Comic Book day restructured
  2. How did we get here
    1. Stores Forced to Close
    2. Diamond suspends distribution
    3. Publishers halt releases
    4. Publishers lay off creators/employees
    5. Comic Hub debacle
    6. DC looks for alternative distributors
  3. What’s next
    1. Retailers
    2. Fragmented Distribution Fallout
    3. Publishers
    4. Creators
    5. Industry as a whole

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