Shadecraft | First Look Spotlight with Joe Henderson: The Comic Source Podcast

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First Look Spotlight with Joe Henderson

The Comic Source Podcast


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Shadecraft – In Comic shops March 31st, 2021

Writer – Joe Henderson, Artist – Lee Garbett, Color Artist – Antonio Fabela, Letterer – Simon Bowland

Final Order Cutoff is 3/8/2021 – So let your retailer know you want a copy today!


Jace chats with writer Joe Henderson about his upcoming title from Image comics, Shadecraft. The entire creative team from the Eisner Award nominated Skyward series is back to tell an all-new story. We’ve gone from the bright open world of Skyward to a much darker and intimate world where shadows are more than they seem and the main character, high schooler Zadie Lu, has to face the shadows of that world. Relatable and resonant, like Skyward it is a story of family, so join us to hear all the details.

  1. Intro
    1. Remind everyone of your previous work
  2. Shadecraft – FOC 3/8/2021
    1. Elevator Pitch
    2. Is this horror?
    3. Talk to us about the characters in the first issue
      1. Zadie Lu
      2. Josh
      3. Kate
      4. Ricky
      5. Zadie’s Parents
    4. Telling the story with a young female protagonist
    5. Shadows as metaphor for an uncertain future 
    6. Any ties to Asian culture or mythology?
    7. Getting the creative team back together
    8. For fans of Skyward, what are some of the similarities between the two
    9. How do you want this to be different from previous work?

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