Replica #5 | AfterShock Monday: The Comic Source Podcast

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Replica #5 | AfterShock Monday

The Comic Source Podcast


Jace dives deep into issue #5 of Replica from Paul Jenkins & Andy Clarke. This is the final issue of the series for now and Detective Trevor Churchill and his clones get a much needed victory against the political machinations and scheming of the Scatlet. We are anxiously awaiting the return of this series we love, but in the meantime, it’s a great time to get caught up if you’ve never read it. Wonderful humor, great character intersections between Trevor and his clones, plus great line art by Andy Clarke. The color work by Dan Brown is also superb as he gives just enough brightness to the story to play with the idea of the future being filled with hope which is a great contrast to the melting pot type setting Jenkins has created.

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