Rage Kickstarter Spotlight with Jimmy Palmiotti: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Rage Kickstarter Spotlight with Jimmy Palmiotti

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with one of our favorite creators & people, Jimmy Palmiotti. They discuss Jimmy’s latest Kickstarter campaign Rage, an emotional story about a father and daughter trying to reunite in a world that has gone mad in the course of only one night. Jimmy talks about getting back together to collaborate with Scott Hampton, the artist on the series, to tell a story that is a little more emotional than the usual stories he crafts. Inspired a bit by the recent global pandemic as well as the connection Jimmy feels personally about the friendships he has made over his decades long career on the comics industry. There’s a bit of G.I. Zombie talk as well, the series that Jimmy and Scott previously worked on together, plus good news about it’s possible return. Jace also asks Jimmy about the freedom of Kickstarter & his thoughts on the recent announcements from so many talented creators moving away from the big publishers. Tons of great stuff in this one, so go check out the Rage Kickstarter, share it on your social media & enjoy our chat with Jimmy.



Wrtier – Jimmy Palmiotti, Artist – Scott Hampton, Color Artist – Jennifer Lange, Designer – John J. Hill

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