New Comic Wednesday February 3, 2021: The Comic Source Podcast

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New Comic Wednesday February 3, 2021

The Comic Source Podcast


Jace and Jay talk about a few of the comics that hit stands the week of February 3, 2021. It’s a bit of a lighter week, but there are still tons of great books. Canto II #5 brings that volume of the clockwork knight to an end, but it sets everything up for the next volume starting in April. It’s still one of the best books for kids out on the stands today! Inkblot continues to be a fun magical adventure with the cutest cat in comics getting into all kinds of mischief. We have a brand new world to explore in Deep Beyond and the first issue is intriguing but there are still so many questions about this world to be answered. Manbat wasn’t bad, but the appearance of the Suicide Squad feels unnecessary. Tom Taylor and Darick Robertson finishes off a perfect Constantine story. This is THE book to give to someone to introduce them to the depraved, crass and sometimes hilarious magical world of Constantine. Finally the guys both LOVED Maniac of New York. This book is absolutely incredible from the all too real narrative of a serial killer becoming an uncontrollable force of nature in New York City to the grimy, gritty and visceral Andrea Mutti art. No doubt our book of the week!


Inkblot #6

Created by Emma Kubert & Rusty Gladd


Future State Wonder Woman #2

Writer/Artist – Joelle Jones, Color Artist – Jordie Bellaire, Letterer – Clayton Cowles


Canto II #5

Writer – David M Booher, Artist – Drew Zucker, Color Artist – Vittorio Astone, Letterer – Andworld Design


Manbat #1

Writer – Dave Wielgosz, Artist – Sumit Kumar, Color Artist – Romulo Fajardo Jr, Letterer – Tom Napolitano


Deep Beyond #1

Writers – Mirka Andolfo & David Goy, Artist – Andrea Broccardo, Color Artist – Barbara Nosenzo, Letterer – Fabio Amelia


Hellblazer Rise and Fall #3

Writer – Tom Taylor, Artist – Darick Robertson, Color Artist – Diego Rodrigues, Letterer – Deron Bennett


Snake Eyes Deadgame #4

Writers – Rob Leifeld & Chad Bowers, Artist – Rob Leifeld, Color Artist – Fredrico Blee, Letterer – Andworld Design


Maniac of New York #1

Writer – Elliott Kalan, Artist – Andre Mutti, Letterer – Taylor Esposito

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