New Comic Wednesday December 30, 2020: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

New Comic Wednesday December 30, 2020

The Comic Source Podcast


It’s a bit of a light week to close out the year, but Jace and Manny do take a look at some of the books hitting stands this week. We have the final Death Metal One-Shot as well as the Tales from the Dark Multiverse issue that ties into Metal. Both serve as a reminder about the tone of this giant event that has spanned 3 years of DC storytelling. Jace also talks about the conclusion to the Endless Winter story. Manny dives into the 90’s with a look at the Return of Vengeance One-Shot which brings back a lot of the concepts from the 90’s Ghost Rider. Plus the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man and the Batman Annual.

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