House of X #3 | X-Tuesday: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

House of X #3 | X-Tuesday

The Comic Source Podcast


Jace and Jon-Paul tackle one of the most action-packed issues of the entire series. Cyclops leads his team of mutants to the edge of the sun to try to take out the orbital platform that will serve as the Mother Mold. If this machine comes online it will eventually lead to the creation of Nimrod and the downfall of all mutants. It’s safe to say the stakes have never been higher. We also discuss the ramifications of mutants no longer allowing themselves to be governed by human law. There’s a lot going on in this issue so join us!


House of X #3

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Artist – Pepe Larraz, Color Artist – Marte Garcia, Letterer – Clayton Cowles. Designer – Tom Muller

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