Gray Kickstarter Spotlight with Arvind David: The Comic Source Podcast

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Gray Kickstarter Spotlight with Arvind David

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with writer Arvind David about his most recent project Gray. A re-imagining for modern times of the classic Oscar Wilde story of The Picture of Dorian Gray. This conversation goes in depth and behind the scenes on the impetus behind Arvind bringing this story to life for a new generation. There is also much discussion about representation and the choice t make this Dorian Gray a woman. Arvind speaks desire to bring as many female voices onto the project as possible. Plus Jace and Arvind discuss the artwork and look of the world for the graphic novels. One of the most exciting aspects of this story is the third part of the story which will be an audio drama that ties into the two graphic novels. A superb voice cast will bring that part of the campaign to life and answer some lingering questions purposely left by the narrative of the books. This is a very in depth conversation with a versatile, thoughtful creator that is perfect for a nice relaxing listen with a glass of your favorite wine or cocktail. So be sure to take your time, soak it in and go check out the campaign for Gray.


Gray – Graphic Novels



Gray – Audio Drama

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