Valiant Sunday – Dr. Mirage with Mags Visaggio: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #981

In this episode w discuss;

Valiant Sunday – Dr. Mirage with Mags Visaggio

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #981

The Comic Source Podcast

Valiant Sunday

Dr. Mirage with Magdalene Visaggio


  1. Intro
    1. History with comics
    2. Previous work
  2. Dr Mirage
    1. Give us a general idea of what your story is about?
    2. Where you familiar with both the original 90’s version of the character and this new version?
    3. What drew you to the character?
    4. Once you began crafting your narrative, what did you focus on as your touchstone to the character of Shan?
    5. Where there any particular challenges that came up as you were working on this title?
    6. How do you feel about working in a universe where the magical rules are still yet to be firmly established, do you like the freedom or is it challenging because the structure is not there?
    7. How has your collaboration with Nick Robles, the artist on the series, been?
    8. In a story like this, with mystical overtones and an underlying mystery, tone and mood are so important, how much back and forth was there with Jordie Bellaire and Nick about establishing the feel of the book visually?
    9. What is it about the story you have crafted that has you most excited for the hardcore Valiant fans to see?
    10. As much as there is a solid dedicated fan base for this universe and its characters, Dr Mirage is relatively untapped. There is no defining run or title for her. Is that exciting or intimidating or something you don’t think about?
    11. Every #1 is a chance for new readers to discover a character or the universe it inhabits, what are your thoughts on new readers being able to jump on with your first issue?
    12. Anything else to add?

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