Killers with B. Clay Moore – Valiant Sunday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode 919

In this episode we discuss;

Killers with B. Clay Moore – Valiant Sunday

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 919


  1. Intro
    1. History with comics
    2. Becoming a creator
    3. Previous work
  2. Killers
    1. Give us an idea of what the story is all about
    2. Tell us how you got involved in this project
    3. How familiar were you with the Ninjak character and his world from his first go around and also in his return to the new Valiant in 2012?
    4. How much does your series pull from the previous VEI runs?
    5. Would you say the story is heavily influenced by what Christos Gage did in his run and if so as a storyteller what are some of the things you think are foundational from that run?
    6. With this idea of different Ninja’s over the years, is there a challenge in making them all “their own” rather than pale imitations of Ninjak
    7. Who are some of the other Ninjas we will see in the series?
    8. Some of these are from Christos’s run some are brand new, any favorites?
    9. What’s your take on the Acclimation Bureau, Good, bad, a necessary evil?
    10. What about Jonin? The question of “What game is he playing and maybe more importantly why?” figures to be big in this series right? How do you see him as a character?
    11. How closely will this tie into the other current Valiant titles?
    12. Give us your thoughts on why long time Valiant readers won’t want to miss this
    13. It’s new reader friendly as well, but is there anything you would you want a new reader to know going in?
    14. Can you talk a little bit about your artist on the project, Fernando Dagnino
    15. Anything else you want to share?

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