Talking Eclipse – One on One with Zack Kaplan Top Cow Thursday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #886

In this episode we discuss;

Talking Eclipse – One on One with Zack Kaplan Top Cow Thursday

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #886

Jace chats with Zack Kaplan, creator of Eclipse, as the series come to a close. Join them for a deep dive as they discuss many of the themes that Zack explores in the story as well as examining the character journeys in this Sci-Fi epic.

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  1. How are you feeling now that your first comic work & first big creator owned is done?
  2. Did the story wrap up as you intended?
  3. Let’s talk about Bax, David Baxter, who we discussed way back when we first had you on. At the time we were debating if he was a hero, he became so reluctantly involved with the events of the story when we first met him. Talk to us about his journey
  4. Cielo likewise grew so much from the spoiled little rich girl we met in issue #1, maybe even more than Bax. Do you see this story as Cielo really coming into her own as her father’[s daughter? Or her maturing despite him & his machinations?
  5. How do you feel about the greater societal implications of the end to the story? It has a much more optimistic feel than when the story started. Yet things are maybe more up in the air than ever?
  6. Let’s talk about some of the themes that played out over the course of the series
    1. Self determination – What are your thoughts on this series in terms of allowing people to decide their own fate whether that be the albino’s Cielo or the inhabitants of New York themselves?
    2. Corporate Power – Is it fundamentally wrong to have so much power in the hands of so few?
    3. Who can you trust? When you can’t even trust your own parents?
  7. The visual look of the series also changed a bit over time but ended on a hopeful note, talk a little about about working with Giovanni Timpano?
  8. We’ve talked a bit before about more stories in this world, the way it ended with Cielo going off on her own really leaves that wide open, can you tease anything about the story you would tell next if you return to Eclipse?

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