Psi-Lords with Fred Van Lente – Valiant Sunday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #869

In this episode we discuss;

Psi-Lords with Fred Van Lente – Valiant Sunday

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #869

  1. Remind us about your previous work
  2. Give us an intro to Psi-Lords
  3. How much if any are you drawing from the original Psi-Lords series?
  4. Can you give us an intro into the 4 main characters?
  5. The character dynamics between our four protagonist seems like it will bring a lot to the narrative, can you talk a little about that?
  6. Talk a little about the story structure, we are dropped into the middle of the action right away in issue #1
  7. A lot of your past Valiant work has been very rooted in the history of  the Valiant Universe with Archer & Armstrong and Timewalker, this is really different than that, what attracted you to this property?
  8. What have you enjoyed most working on this title?
  9. Who is your artist on the series and how has the collaboration been?
  10. How much will it tie into the rest of the Valiant Universe?
  11. What can you tease about the series?
  12. Anything else you want to share?

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