Six Days: The Incredible Story of D-Days Lost Chapter – Spotlight with Robert Venditti: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #842

In this episode we discuss:

Six Days The Incredible Story of D-Days Lost Chapter – Spotlight with Robert Venditti

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #842

Jace chats with writer Robert Venditti about an incredible true story of a relatively unknown battle from WWII. Rob has a personal connection to this powerful story and it makes for a compelling must read.

Six Days

Writers – Robert Venditti & Kevin Maurer, Artist – Andrea Mutti, Colorist – Lee Loughridge, Letterer – Clayton Cowles

  1.  Intro
    1.    Remind us who you are and some of your previous work
  2. Six Days
    1. Give us an idea of what Six Days is about
    2.  Tell us about our personal connection to this story
    3.  Have you always had an interest in WWII?
    4. Tell us about your collaborator on the project
    5. You did exhaustive research into the events at Graignes, what was that process like?
    6. Why was it so important for you to get as many details right as possible?
    7. One thing that won’t be found in any research material is the sense of camaraderie the troops have with one another and that eventually extends to the villagers. Can you talk a bit about injecting that into the story? Authenticity of it
    8. h.   It is also worth pointing out how active the French were in defense of their own town. A lot of WWII stories portray the French as passive, anonymous victims, but here you show the bravery they exhibit which I would argue rivals that of the Americans. Can you talk a little about that?
    9. This is a powerful story and it certainly doesn’t have a Hollywood ending where the good guys overwhelmingly prevail and everything it nice and tidy, is that a challenge as a writer to be sure you are accurate when recounting events but maybe your heart wants to re-writer history?
    10. There’s a very dark part of the story of Graignes as well, you don’t shy away from it and there is a lesson to be learned their as well, what are you thoughts on including that in the story and forcing the reader to confront it?
    11. What are some of the lessons from the events of the Six Days that you think are important to remember, even today?
    12. Talk a little bit about the art from Andrea Mutti?
    13. How did Andrea become involved in the project, was he your choice?
    14. It’s interesting that you had a European artist on this WWII story set in France, that must have influenced Andrea’s art
    15. Did you find the collaborative process clicking right away or sis you all have to settle in?
    16. What was it like for Kevin who normally works in prose telling a story in this visual medium?
    17. Let’s finish with you giving our listeners your thoughts on why this is a Must-Read.

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