AfterShock Monday – A Chat with Ryan Parrott: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #718

In this episode we discuss;

AfterShock Monday – A Chat with Ryan Parrott

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #718

Jace discuss two great AfterShock titles, Volition and the newly released Oberon as the writer of this two intriguing titles, Ryan Parrot returns to the show.

  1. Remind us of the current AfterShock titles you have coming out
  2. Volition
    1. How has the reception been for Volition?
    2. Are you pleased with the pacing and feel of the story?
    3. Is there anything you would change about the process?
    4. What about the story itself, it had such a long gestation period, anything you would change or that you did change due to that length of time?
    5. What do you think has been the greatest benefit of this first creator owned project? What have you learned?
  3. Oberon
    1. Tell us what the story is all about
    2. I know you are a big fantasy fan, what are some of your favorite fantasy stories and how do you feel they inform the story of Oberon?
    3. How much backstory are we going to get about the betrayal of Oberon?
    4. Is Oberon a hero?
    5. I ask the two previous question because I feel like if we come to find that Oberon is rightfully seeking a return to the throne, seeking justice rather than vengeance it makes him a bit more redeeming.
    6. Some of the greatest characters in comics are those that live in the gray areas, the ends justify the means so to speak. Is that Oberon?
    7. What would you like us to know about Bonnie?
    8. How will the mystery of her parents and her destiny play out, will it be a mystery running throughout or will we discover the answers early on?
    9. Tell us about finding Milos Slavkovic to collaborate with, how early did he come on and did you have the look of the world and characters thought out or was it all Milos? Perhaps a back and forth with the two of you?
    10. Milos does everything from the layouts to the finishes and the color, how much input do you have and is the process quite different from having 2 or 3 people doing the art?
  4. Anything else to share with our listeners?

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