Webtoons Wednesday – Metaphorical HER with James Maddox: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #691

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 691

Webtoons Wednesday – Metaphorical HER with James Maddox

Jace chats with the writer of one of the latest hits from Webtoons; James Maddox. They discuss the title Metaphorical HER, the origins of this unique way of telling sequential story and James collaboration with series artist Dave Stoll.

James’s Mini Bio: With titles that include Metaphorical Her, Dead Legends, Clown, The Dead & Eccentrix, writer James Maddox has created a range of the most dynamic stories in indie comics. Maddox lives in Huntington, WV, is the bass player for the rock band Qiet, and enjoys good bourbon–usually in an Ewok flask.

  1. Intro
    1. What is your background with comics? Grew up reading them, discovered them later?
    2. At what point did the desire to make comics hit you?
    3. Any previous work our listeners may have seen?
  2. Metaphorical HER
    1. Tell us a bit about your Webtoons title
    2. What are some of the themes you want to explore?
    3. How does the use of visual metaphor help to explore those ideas? Or is it just to keep things visually interesting?
    4. The story opens up with a scene a lot of us can relate to as Laney really puts her foot in her mouth, was there a particular inspiration for that?
    5. There such a cliche about creative types and self-destructive behavior, it seems Laney may have a bit of that herself, did that happen organically or is it an idea you purposefully want to examine?
    6. Laney’s thread is so interesting and complex, you could have focused singularly on just her, but you have brought in a diverse cast with their own stories, was it always your intention to have a wide cast of character and stories?
    7. Talk to us about the collaborative process, maybe take us through the creation of an episode.
    8. How hard was it to adapt to the vertical style format, what are the pros & cons?
  3. Webtoons
    1. Tell us how the project ended up at Webtoons
    2. How has the reaction been from the Webtoons community?
    3. What are some of the advantages you feel Webtoons offers?
    4. Starting out did you ever think you would be a digital comic creator?
    5. What is the one lesson you learned early on that you which you could go back and tell your earlier self?
    6. Anything else to share with our listeners?

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