The Comic Source Podcast Episode 548 – A Conversation with Margaret Stohl

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 548

A Conversation with Margaret Stohl

Jace chats with writer Margaret Stohl on discovering a way to relate to Carol, the secret origin of The Life of Captain Marvel series and just how special the series really is!

  1. Intro
    1. History with comics
    2. Previous work
  2. Discovering Carol Danvers
    1. You had a few projects you worked on before a long run on Captain Marvel, how did you discover Carol?
  3. Relating to Carol
    1. What was your way into the character? How do you relate to or see yourself in Carol?
  4. Strength with Vulnerability
    1. Right from the start of your run, continuing from the work that Kelly Sue DeConnick did, you have shown Carol as a very strong character, but with some flaws. Can you talk about balancing Carol as hero with bringing relatable flaws to the character
  5. Relatable to all
  6. Life of Captain Marvel
    1. What was the impetus of doing a story that is grounded in Carol’s childhood?
  7. Adding to Carol’s origin
    1. We’ve seen some clues in the series that what we know of Carol’s might not be all there is to know. Did this idea of adding to Carol’s origin have anything to do with lining things up for her stories in other media?
  8. Anything else to share?

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