The Comic Source Podcast Episode 501 – Top Cow Thursday: Infinite Dark Spotlight

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode 501

Top Cow Thursday

Infinite Dark Spotlight with Ryan Cady

Jace talks to writer Ryan Cady about his upcoming series Infinite Dark from Top Cow

  1. Give our listeners an idea of what Infinite Dark is all about
  2. What’s the tone you are trying to capture?
  3. Can you talk a little bit about your inspiration for the story?
  4. The idea of the Heat Death of the Universe has been around for a long time, what is it about this theory that inspired you to choose it as the starting point for your story?
  5. I love the idea that as your story is beginning, life as we know it is ending. It seems some of your characters, Deva for example, struggle with this idea as well, survivor’s guilt in a way.
  6. There are many who feel we as humans are inherently political creatures. There is some truth to that as well are all individual and separate but must co-exist. So even at the end of the universe are we still seeing politics at work?
  7. Let’s talk about your artist on the series, Andrea Mutti. His art here is more polished than the more visceral look on Port of Earth. What has the collaboration been like?
  8. Did you have set ideas of how you wanted the book to look in terms of visuals, tone and color? Or was it a back and forth with Andrea to determine what works best
  9. Is this your most ambitious story to date?
  10. It feels very big in terms of scope, setting and visuals, is it more challenging to connect to the reader when telling a story like this?
  11. Other projects?

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