The Comic Source Podcast Episode 368 – AfterShock Monday: Clan Killers with Sean Lewis & Lost City Explorers with Zack Kaplan

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

AfterShock Monday

Episode 368

Talking Clan Killers with Sean Lewis

Talking The Lost City Explorers with Zack Kaplan

  1. Clan Killers
    1. What’s the story all about?
    2. This is a much darker tale than Betrothed, what made you want to tell this story?
    3. Both stories are rooted in very classic stories and story structure, one Shakespeare, the other Gaelic myth. Do you find that you are drawn to these types of classic stories and do they always inform your story telling style?
    4. Was this a natural story for you to tell in the sense that you were familiar with the mythology or did you have to do a lot of research?
    5. What can you tell us about Princess Finola, she certainly doesn’t seem like a classic heroine
    6. Would you say this is Fin’s story or is it the wider story of this kingdom?
    7. Obviously revenge is a big theme of the story, but I often find that is a one-dimensional motivation for a character, will we see growth from Fin throughout the story?
    8. Any other themes that you hope to explore?
    9. What can you tell us about working with Antonio Fuso?
    10. Other projects?
    11. Where to follow you on Social Media
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  2. The Lost City Explorers
    1. Quick pitch, what’s the story all about
    2. Main character Hel seems a bit lost in the beginning.
    3. Lost City Explorers in more ways than on.
    4. Relationship with her dad is not the best yet she’s going to risk to find him homer her brother seems much more grounded, will we see discovery and growth from him?
    5. Sagan labs and conspiracy 
    6. Where to find Zack on social media
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