The Comic Source Podcast Episode 273 – Aspen Comics Announcement with Frank Mastromauro

In this episode;

Jace chats with Frank Mastromauro from Aspen Comics about the new partnership with Mythos Studios, the prospect of bringing Aspen characters to the big screen and the fan reaction to the news.

Aspen MLT Overview and Announcement

Quick Aspen MLT Intro

  1. Some of the creators and titles our listeners may have heard of
  2. The BIG news
    1. What can we expect from this partnership?
    2. How did this deal come together
    3. What has you personally most excited about this deal, do you have one character you want to see most in other media?
    4. What has been the reaction form the industry so far?
    5. How has the fan reaction been?
  3. Anything else you want to share with our listeners?

Aspen Comics Website

Twitter – Aspen on Twitter

Facebook – Aspen on Facebook

Instagram – Aspen on Instagram


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