Join The Future with Zack Kaplan – AfterShock Monday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #1233

In this episode we discuss;

Join The Future with Zack Kaplan – AfterShock Monday

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #1233

Writer Zack Kaplan gives his first interview about his upcoming Sci-Fi Western Join The Future

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  1. Intro
    1. Release Date March 4th
  2. Elevator Pitch for Join the Future
  3. Talk to us about the big idea you are exploring in this story, is it advancement vs tradition?
  4. Can you give us a run down on the characters in the story?
  5. Any character(s) that have become favorites for you already? Who’s voice is easiest for you to find?
  6. Did you have any challenges presenting one side or the other, do you personally identify with one side over the other?
  7. What made you want to examine this idea?
  8. You really seem to enjoy exploring ideas and concepts that can be seen in a variety of ways, questions or issues that don’t necessarily have black and white answers, why is that?
  9. Talk to us about your artistic collaborators on the series Piotr Kowalski & Brad Simpson
  10. This is your second series with AfterShock. What do you like about working with them?
  11. Anything else to share?

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