WEBTOON Wednesday – Rot & Ruin with Jonathan Maberry: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #1208

In this episode we discuss;

The Comic Source Podcast

WEBTOON Wednesday

Rot & Ruin & Other Things with Jonathan Mayberry

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  1. Intro
    1. Background with comics
    2. Storytelling as a profession
    3. Highlights of your previous works
  2. Rot & Ruin
    1. What the story is about?
    2. Run down of the main characters
    3. Were there specific themes you wanted to explore in this story
    4. Bringing the R&R world to the digital space
    5. Give us your thoughts on another writer creating in this world
    6. How does R&R the world of VWars?
  3. VWARS
    1. Give us your thoughts on how the first season of the Netflix show turned out?
    2. Do you feel like the fans are really responding to the story and if so what is resonating most?
    3. Now that more people than ever are being introduced to the world of VWars does that change how you feel about it as a creator?
    4. Is there anything you wish you might have done differently with that work?
  4. Other work
    1. Are there any characters you would love to get your hands on? 
    2. What do you enjoy most about working in the comics medium?
    3. Talk to us about the differences in working in comics vs prose vs TV/Film
    4. Anything upcoming that you are working on that has you really excited?
    5. Anything else to share?

About the Creator – Jonathan Maberry

JONATHAN MABERRY is a New York Times bestselling author, 5-time Bram Stoker Award and Inkpot Award-winner, producer, and comic book writer. His vampire apocalypse book series, V-WARS, is a hit Netflix original series starring Ian Somerhalder (Lost, The Vampire Diaries). And his young adult post-apocalyptic zombie series, ROT & RUIN, is in development for film by Alcon Entertainment. He writes in multiple genres including suspense, thriller, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and action; and he writes for adults, teens and middle grade. His works include the Joe Ledger thrillers, Glimpse, the Dead of Night series, Glimpse, The Wolfman, X-Files Origins: Devil’s Advocate, The Pine Deep series, and many others. He is the editor of high-profile anthologies including The X-Files, Aliens: Bug Hunt, Out of Tune, New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Baker Street Irregulars, Nights of the Living Dead, and others. His comics include Black Panther: DoomWar, The Punisher: Naked Kills and Bad Blood. His Rot & Ruin books are being produced as webcomics for WEBTOON. Jonathan is the Editorial Director of the new incarnation of Weird Tales Magazine. He is a board member of the Horror Writers Association and the president of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers

For more information visit www.jonathanmaberry.com

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