WEBTOON Wednesday – Everywhere and Nowhere with Merryweathery: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #1098

In this episode we discuss;

WEBTOON Wednesday – Everywhere and Nowhere with Merryweathery

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #1087

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  1. Intro
    1. Background with comics
    2. Choosing a career telling stories
    3. The early years
  2. Everywhere and Nowhere
    1. Give us an idea of what the story is about
    2. Why choose to build on something pre-existing?
    3. Your version of the characters are much more light-hearted than the originals. How did they evolve when you were first developing the story
    4. You also seem to be exploring their very close relationship, is friendship a theme that has always interested you?
    5. Talk to us about story structure and choosing time travel as a component of the story
    6. How about the visually look of the world? Did you know how you wanted it to look or did you leave that up to your artist Peach?
    7. How about finding the right artist for your story? What is the process you use to find an artist?
    8. What are some of the challenges when you are not your own artist?
    9. How do you know when you can trust your artist?
    10. What are some of the things you should look out for in terms of collaboration?
    11. Can you give us a quick rundown of your other strips on WEBTOON?
    1. Tell us how you feel about WEBTOON as a platform
    2. What do you feel are the unique benefits the Canvas side and the Featured side offer?
    3. Let’s talk about the fan community as a whole, what are your feelings there?
    4. Specifically in terms of Everywhere and Nowhere, what have your readers responded to?
    5. Did the strip hit right away or was it more of a slow build?
    6. You recently attended the LACC, how was it getting to interact with some fellow WEBTOON creators?
    7. And the fans?
    8. Anything else to add?


About the Creator – Merryweathery



A script writer living in the Kingdom of Denmark, and sometimes Japan. Known primarily for his collaborative work on Winter Moon and The Crawling City.

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Spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he0LNJYNTfM&feature=youtu.be

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