WEBTOON Wednesday – Witch Creek Road with Garth Matthams: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #1018

In this episode we discuss;

WEBTOON Wednesday – Witch Creek Road with Garth Matthams

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #1017

Check out Witch Creek Road on WEBTOON

The Comic Source Podcast

WEBTOON Wednesday

Witch Creek Road


  1. Intro
    1. Background with Comics
    2. Previous Work
  2. Witch Creek Road
    1. What the story is about?
    2. Why horror?
    3. Why do you like to feel scared?
    4. What are the challenges specific to the genre?
    5. Write what you know?
    6. Balancing horror with other elements of storytelling
    7. Chewing through plot and characters?
    8. Decision to tell narrative non-linear
    9. Inspirations for the story
    10. Building the world
    11. Reader reactions
    1. Favorite things about the platform
    2. Building an audience
    3. More stories to tell using the platform
    4. Creator Community
    5. Advice for someone starting out?
    6. Anything else?

About the Creator


Garth Matthams lives on an island in Canada, with 2 rabbits, his beautiful wife, and the occasional spider that his previously mentioned wife refuses to let him kill. He loves horror movies, comic books and visiting “haunted” locations, and one day hopes to be killed by an angry spirit


WEBTOON™ is the #1 webcomics app, averaging more than 55 million monthly active users, with north of 15 million daily readers, and more than 100,000,000,000 views annually – more people read web comics on our platform in one day than watch most television shows. Launched in 2014, WEBTOON has become a cultural phenomenon pioneering the distribution and consumption of web-based comics.  WEBTOON features a broad and diverse catalog of content – including fantasy, romance, sci-fi, LGBTQ, and more. The WEBTOON app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. The content is free and downloadable, for reading when offline. WEBTOON boasts partnerships with Legendary, Lucasfilm, POW!, Top Cow/Image, and more. WEBTOON takes the comic experience to the next level by providing readers with daily curated content and giving creators an intuitive platform designed to help them easily publish and publicize their own original comics. WEBTOON creators have been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards – three in 2019, nominated for twelve Ringo Awards in 2019 as well as winning seven Ringo Awards in 2018. WEBTOON is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he0LNJYNTfM&feature=youtu.be

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