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Eniac #2 | Bad Idea Takeover

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Jace and Rocky battle through another Bad Idea takeover to chat about Eniac #2. The story is still superb, but the guys wonder what twists may be on the way. The action is non-stop just like the first issue, but the second issue didn’t feel quite as weighty as the first issue. Not to say there isn’t a lot here, because it is still top notch storytelling. Is it the emotional beats that Eniac seems to have? Is it that we haven’t had a chance to catch our breath as the two super spies, Olivia Fletcher and Allison Falk are seemingly three steps behind Eniac despite their best efforts? Hard to say, but we do love where the story is going and try to predict where things might be heading. Plus we get a B-Side that is truly engaging, compelling and mysterious. Can’t wait to see more of it!


Eniac #2

Writer – Matt Kindt, Artist – Doug Braithwaite, Color Artist – Diego Rodriguez, Letterer – Dave Sharpe



Writer – Matt Kindt, Artist – Dave Lapham

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