The Deadliest Bouquet Kickstarter Spotlight with Erica Schultz: The Comic Source Podcast

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The Deadliest Bouquet Kickstarter Spotlight with Erica Schultz

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace welcomes comic creator Erica Schultz to the show to discuss her current Kickstarter campaign for The Deadliest Bouquet. When the mother of three women dies under mysterious circumstances the sisters must reunite to solve her murder all the while dealing with the consequence of their upbringing that including being trained to hunt Nazis. Skills passed down from one generation to the next, including grueling physical training makes for a very unorthodox childhood & leaves the sisters with complicated emotions for their mother, especially now that she is gone. In a word, despite the action and mystery contained in this original graphic novel, this story is about relationships. We all deal with loss in our own ways and we all certainly have relationships in our lives. From these touch points, this creative team hopes to bring this entertaining narrative to life. From the gorgeous 90’s inspired cover by Kevin Wada to the beautiful interior and covers, you should definitely check this project out!


The Deadliest Bouquet

Writer – Erica Schultz, Artist – Carola Borelli, Color Artist – Gab Contreras, Cover Artist – Kevin Wada, Editor – James Emmett

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