The Comic Source Podcast 071 Convention Do’s and Don’ts

635721909795588003966303126_Comic-Con Exhibit Hall

  1. Comic News
    1. Gerry Conway – Firestorm’s creator on making the character fun again
    2. Valiant reveals Deathmate for the current universe
    3. DC Superhero Girls app
    4. Matt Hawkins gives convention tips from the other side of the table
  2. TV news
    1. Charlie Cox & Jon Bernthal talk Punisher in DD season 2
    2. EW shows teaser  for Supergirl Flash crossover
  3. Movie News
    1. 11+ minute chronological trailer for BvS
    2. One of the BvS stars reveals he lurks internet forums
    3. Captain America Civil War gets massive # of YouTube views
    4. Get ready to be sick of Black Panther
    5. Fifth Indiana Jones movie planned by Disney
    6. Disney narrows down Han Solo casting options
  4. Convention Do’s and Don’ts

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