Comic Book Content Creator Conversation with Mike Avila: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss:

Comic Book Content Creator Conversation with Mike Avila

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace is joined by Behind the Panel producer, writer and host, Mike Avila. A life long comics fan Mike shares with us his early love of the medium and how it expanded his vocabulary and started a life long love of reading. We also talk about comic distribution and how things have changed over time. Jace and Mike talk about some of the nuts and bolts of comic’s journalism and finding the balance between being an outlet for publishers to market their books and staying true to journalistic integrity. Mike recounts some of his favorite creator and convention moments and let’s us in on what he spent 2020 catching up on in comics (Hint: he’s friendly and may live in your neighborhood). Finally Mike makes a bold statement on the single greatest non-powered character in the Marvel Universe. Think you know who it is? You will have to listen to find out for sure.

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