Blue Flame Spotlight with Christopher Cantwell: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Blue Flame Spotlight with Christopher Cantwell

The Comic Source Podcast

The Blue Flame – 5/26/21

FOC 5/3/21


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Jace welcomes writer Christopher Cantwell back to the show to talk about his upcoming Vault series The Blue Flame. This new series will explore some big ideas with dual storylines set in the down to earth city of Milwaukee and the far reaches of space. Starting from the premise that any hero and certainly a ‘super’hero is inherently setting themselves up for failure through the simple fact that they can’t be everything and everywhere for everyone. That idea is can then be distilled down and applied to all of us as we live our lives and try to make positive contributions to the world. The guys also chat a bit about Christopher’s current Iron Man run, a tease for the return of She Could Fly and more. Join us for this fun and engaging conversation.


The Blue Flame

Writer – Christopher Cantwell, Artist – Adam Gorham, Color Artist – Kurt Michael Russell, Letterer – Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Designer – Tim Daniel

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