A Game of Doubles Kickstarter Spotlight with Jonathan Thompson: The Comic Source Podcast

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A Game of Doubles Kickstarter Spotlight with Jonathan Thompson

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Jace chats with Jonathan Thompson about his current Kickstarter campaign for his project A Game of Doubles. The story of twin brothers who have led very different lives and how the grass always seems greener. Jonathan and artist Ryan Tavarez have not only concocted an interesting story, they have two different endings for the project. You can choose to buy one book and get one of the endings or grab the flip book version to have both. There is also a director’s cut with both versions as well as tons of process notes and back matter to get a closer look at how these creators put the project together. A project like this with a story that works on multiple levels is very much worth exploring, so go check out the campaign and join in to help bring this project to life.


A Game of Doubles

Writer – Jonathan Thompson, Artist – Ryan Tavarez


Get an single issue with one or two endings, get the flip book with both endings or the director’s cut with both ending plus tons of extras!



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