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  1. Kondorr

    When I initially read this… I also thought, this would in some way impact the further story, or to be specific, the final story in the first volume…
    the humor is alright, but to me the tales and this one were also rather forgettable.

  2. thecomicsourceblog@gmail.com

    Yes I get the feeling a lot of these early stories are a bit forgettable. For me it is more about painting a general feeling and overall setting of the universe the artifacts create, more so than creating specific characters and events that we can recall.

  3. Kondorr

    Well I do not consider reading those a waste of time, but rather a wasted opportunity… They are so standalone, that they do not have anything in common… I think now-a-days they would have some thread go through those stories to kinda connect them (besides the obvious appearance of the artifacts)…

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